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Discovery tour of the real estate market in Côte d’Azur

Connoisseurs of the French Riviera cannot imagine their life without frequenting the Cote d’Azur.
A villa or a large and somptuous set of rooms/ a luxury suite here is an optimum investment, taking into consideration the Mediterranean best infrastructure which allows to get to any destination of the world in no time, while offering an infinity of cultural, high life and sports events, many excellent private schools and higher educational establishments.
We are offering an exciting discovery program, for the sake of which you can either come on purpose to the south of France for 2-3 days or take it while you are on holidays or on business.
The purpose of the program is to travel around various parts of Cote d’Azur by a comfortable car with a qualified real estate expert to visit specific objects and get a detailed information picture of the market, getting acquainted with numerous factors that form real estate property costs.
Within the framework of the program it takes 8-12 hours (4 hours a day during 2-3 days) to develop a significantly better grasp of the diverse real estate property market of Cote d’Azur.
Your special preferences can be taken into account in advance while elaborating your tour route. Every tour package includes an illustrated booklet catalogue developed by our specialists that contains all informations to be obtained as a result of your review course.
To get more details please contact us in any format that you consider to be convenient.